Teri Carden

Oh, Crystal Ball

In Work and Play on April 13, 2010 at 2:33 am

Reach out and rub your hands on the crystal ball in front of you.  What do you see for your organization’s future?  What does it look like?  Employee turnover?  Long days of staring into the computer screen?  Negativity?  No doughnuts on the kitchen counter?

–  Fun Song to Play While You Read This

Instituting several simple habits of leadership may likely mean you’ll  be seeing success in your crystal ball and in the future of your life and your organization.  My recent attendance of Emmanuel Gobillot’s keynote session at Fusion Production’s fabulouso event, Digital Now, at the Contemporary Disney Resort inspired this post.

@egobillot addressed everything from his kid for sale on ebay to the nonsense annual employee evaluation.  @egobillot humorously relayed many often uncharted leadership pointers that reminded the attendees that they too could create a contagious and successful culture.  I’ve gleaned some of the leadershifting ideas.

  • Less conversations started with preconceived conclusions.  More discovery.
  • Less processes. More valuing, nurturing, helping and loving.
  • Less annual performance reviews. More performance conversations every day.
  • Less complexity around us. More simplification.
  • Less roles, rules, and economic incentive.  More individuals, reciprocity, social and moral obligations.
  • Less mission statements.  More stories.
  • Less actions.  More effective actions, magical conversations and shared history.
  • Less engagement in just the last 5 minutes of the project.  More engagement in the narrative of the whole project.
  • Less ignoring that you hate what you do.  More relearning to love what you do.
  • Less artifacts of business.  More human relationships.
  • Less hiring turkeys to climb trees.  More hiring cost-effective squirrels.
  • Less negativity. More asking, “Have I made them stronger and more capable?” And more of it. And more of it.

Look down.  There’s really not a crystal ball in front of you, however, I hope you do see success, magical conversations and doughnuts on the kitchen counter in your future.


Fun Picture Taken During Conference Tweet-Up

Fun Twitter Follows from this Conference, sorry for those I missed.
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